Monthly Directional Comparison: S&P 500 (SP) vs. Coffee (KC)

Markets move up and markets move down ... the key is to know how markets react to one another. Do the markets move up and down together the majority of the time or do they move inversely? Are the markets moving together but is one lagging in performance more than usual? This monthly directional comparison provides perspective ... and from there we look for opportunity.

The monthly directional study below looks at the S&P 500 Index and Coffee over 15 years, as It breaks down the markets across six positive / negative directional categories. Additionally monthly return averages are provided for the main directional categories.

Chart Overview

Outer Circle Inner Pie Chart
  • Yellow: Opposite Directions (Positive/Negative and Negative/Positive)
  • Blue: Positive Direction
  • Grey: Same Directions (Positive and Negative)
  • Red: Negative Direction
  • Green: Positive/Negative Directions
  • Purple: Negative/Positive Directions

15 Year Directional Comparison Study:

Monthly Directional Comparison: S&P 500 (SP) vs. Coffee (KC)

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