The development of your business requires a lot of time and effort and it may be hard to keep up with the growing number of channels. Listing software is the best option for those who want to escape from the daily routine of creating and managing listings, monitoring inventory and updating listings on multiple accounts. Now all this can be done from a single, intuitive interface.

An interesting example of Amazon listing software is Jazva. Jazva allows for managing all your accounts from a single place and helps save a lot of time on back-end operations.

Multi-Channel Listing

Publish new product listings with just a few clicks. You get complete control of your inventory in every store. Amazon listing software allows you to list and revise listings in a single place – add items, in bulk or separately, and let the program automatically adapt and synchronize data across all your accounts based on rules you set. The program allows quick and easy management: you can add multiple items, change categories, update product information, or schedule future actions. Keep track of your performance as well as inventory, financial and shipping data with our reporting tool and get better insights.

Once you change the price or revise a product’s description, all your listings will be updated. You can manage orders and financials from all accounts, keep track of your orders and other data on a single interface. What is more, you can forget about underselling and overselling as the software updates your inventory availability after a sale is made.

Automatic Synchronization

The program automatically updates all of your listings. Moreover, it allows you to manage financials and orders from all channels, track order statuses, revenue, and other updates in real-time mode.

The price synchronization feature facilitates the process of changing pricing across all your channels. Change the pricing for your products once and the new prices will be automatically synchronized across all your accounts. The feature runs 24/7 and works even when you don’t.

What is more, you can take full advantage of the repricer tool – it will adjust the price of your items based on the pricing of your competitors.

Listing software will save you hours and hours of work as it lets you focus on expanding to new marketplaces instead of wasting time on checking and control. Choose the products you want to list, select the store and the program will create a perfect listing for you. You can customize absolutely any data, be it descriptions, titles or any other details. Save hours with centralized control of your entire multi-channel business.